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Keyword Research Basics : How to use Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a tool that many use for research of keywords. While the tool is very effective in estimating the popularity of certain keywords and phrases it is important to use it right.

If you use the Google Keyword Tool without any deeper understanding of how to read the results, you might make mistakes when trying to decide what keyword to focus on.

Google Adwords is a general tool that is open to anyone to use, and it gives information for global and local searches in many different languages.

It is a good place to start when you have an idea of the kind of keyword that you need to choose, but not when you are still trying to work out a specific niche for SEO purposes.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

What Google Adwords Keyword Tool does is that it lets you see the information for the amount of searches, per month, for a specific keyword or phrase. You type in the phrase or word that you want to research and then you get the numbers for that specific expression.

You will see in the results a column for global results and a column for local results. To read these numbers correctly you need to ensure that you have chosen the region of relevance to your search. If you are based in the USA, Google will most likely have this as your default location.

If you would like to research the search volume for another country or language, you can simply change these parameters and click on search again. When you are searching with USA as location, and English as your language, the global results will reflect this. This means that the results are only a count of the phrase you typed in, in English.

Researching a Keyword

To make your research of a keyword more precise, you need to check the field called “only show ideas closely related to my search terms.”

As an example, if you make a search for “Weight Loss”, with this option checked in, you will see the results for the exact phrase, as well as results closely related like “best weight loss”, “effective weight loss”, “losing weight” and more.

At this stage it is important to also check off the option called Exact in the Match Types box. The default in Google Adwords Keyword Tool is the Broad option which will give you results where everyone who searched something similar to the keyword you are researching will be counted.

Practically this means that if you make a Broad search for the keywords “Weight Loss” you might come up with several hundred thousand search results for a month.

This information will only be relevant for the different variations of your search phrase combined. To get to know how many people searched for the exact phrase “Weight Loss” you need to make sure to have the “Exact” option checked off!

The Competition Data

Another important data from Google Adwords Keyword Tool is the competition bar for each suggested phrase. This gives you an idea of approximately how many other vendors that are bidding on that same phrase, and it would seem to imply what you are up against, should you decide to pursue this specific keyword.

Now, if you start your general keyword research in Google Adwords this can be completely misleading and make you think that a keyword with many searches a month and low competition is a winner and a great choice.

This is only true if the keyword itself is a winner and a good choice. For this reason keyword research must start long before you make use of Google’s keyword tool. Once you know which keywords or phrases that are likely to convert well for your niche, you can make use of the Google tool to assess which variation is more popular and what sort of competition you can expect.

Remember that you can customize the information you get by clicking on the Columns option. This lets you choose what information you want to see presented in the columns for the keyword you are researching.

Analysing Competition

It is good to make note of the competition for a keyword through Google Adwords Keyword Tool, but it is also important to understand that this is not an indication of how hard it will be for you to promote a site with your chosen phrase. for learning how to find and choose effective keywords for your web promotion or your business join now the best digital marketing course in delhi.

By using smart SEO strategies there is nothing that says that you can’t stand at the top of that mountain with your site and message. In the same fashion, poor SEO strategies will make it hard for you to have much success with a keyword with low competition.

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This should make it clear that the Google Adwords Keyword Tool is something to use as part of a greater plan for analysis of keywords. When it is used properly and with the correct conclusions it can certainly improve your SEO in any area.

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